A toy based on silicone polymers that has unusual physical properties. It bounces, but it breaks when given a sharp blow, and it can also flow like a liquid.

Item Description QTY SRP
Magnetic Putty Magnetic Putty
Magnet included
3 $9.99
Temperature Change Putty Temperature Change 3 $9.99
Liquid Glass Putty Liquid Glass 3 $9.99
Glow in the Dark Putty Glow in the Dark 3 $9.99
Total Retail: $572.16
Fun Factory Candy Putty Counter Display
Putty Magnetic
Putty Temperature Change
Putty Glow in the Dark
Putty Liquid Glass
i54 nylon flex cables white

Stretch your imagination with our 4 unique styles of Putty to keep you entertained with hours of fun!

Fun Factory Candy Putty for Kids
Fun Factory Candy Putty Toy
Fun Factory Candy Putty Toys
Fun Factory Candy Putty
Fun Factory Candy Magnetic Putty
Fun Factory Candy Temperature Change Putty
Fun Factory Candy Liquid Glass Putty
Fun Factory Candy Glow in the Dark Putty

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