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Each tower is built using the finest materials, from the heavy duty acrylic to the durable labels & header card. Made to sustain wear and tear.

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Fun Factory Candy i54 Dual USB Wall Charger

Dual Wall Charger

2.1A Dual USB

Item#: 8-4176917010-4

Fun Factory Candy i54 Dual Car Charger

Dual Car Charger

2.1A Dual USB

Item#: 8-4176917011-1

Fun Factory Candy i54 Lightning to USB Charging Cable Apple Certified

Lightning to USB Cable

Rapid Charging Cable

Item#: 8-4176917000-5

Fun Factory Candy i54 Micro USB Charging Cable

Micro USB Cable

Rapid Charging Cable

Item#: 8-4176917002-9

Fun Factory Candy i54 Auxiliary Audio Cable

Auxiliary Cable

High-End Audio

Item#: 8-4176917004-3

Fun Factory Candy i54 Earphones with Microphone


In-Ear w/ Microphone

Item#: 8-4176917005-0

Type-C to USB Cable

USB-C basically describes the plug's shape. If you use an Android phone, for example, the connector shape of the previous standard is USB-B and the flat one on your computer is called USB-A. Apple's Lightning port is completely proprietary and won't work with USB-C, despite their similar shapes.

USB-C is reversible, which means that unlike the Micro-USB plug you used on your last phone (a USB-B shape), you can stick in a USB-C cable any which way; either side is "up." No more fumbling around or being frustrated when you have trouble plugging in.

Devices for Type-C Cable:

  • Samsung 8
  • Moto Z
  • HTC U11
  • Apple MacBook
  • Apple TV
  • Google Chromebook Pixel
  • Pixel C
  • HP Envy & Pavilion laptops
  • 8-inch Windows 10 Tablet
  • LG G5, Nexus 6P & 5X
  • OnePlus 2
  • Microsoft Lumia 950

Nylon Flex Cord

High quality flexible wire cover wound tightly around cord to withstand day-to-day wear & tear for superior durability while remaining tangle-free.

Cell Towers

Our small counter tower can be the most profitable area in your store. Designed with convenience stores in mind.

The i54 Platinum MFI Tower 1 allows retailers to professionally merchandise 7 of the hottest cell phone accessories, including the popular nylon flex Lightning to USB cable (apple-certified). Because counter space is prime real estate, this display only takes up 7" of counter space width to maximize sales! Other highlights include:

i54 Products UPC # Pcs.
Lightning to USB 8-4176914000-8 20
Micro USB 8-4176914000-4 20
Auxiliary 8-4176914802-8 20
Metal Earphones 8-4176914001-5 20
Stereo Earphones 8-4176914004-6 20
Dual Car Charger 8-4176914002-2 30
Dual Wall Charger 8-4176914003-9 20

Dual USB Chargers

Chargers contain 2.0 amp for charging larger devices.

(Tablets, iPhone 6, Samsung, Kindle, iPad, etc.)

Fun Factory Candy i54 Wall Chargers

Dual Wall Charger

2.0A Dual USB

Item#: 8-4176914003-9

Fun Factory Candy i54 Wall Chargers

Dual Car Charger

2.0A Dual USB

Item#: 8-4176914002-2

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