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Fun Factory Candy AR-Gun 3D Gaming Gun

AR Gun

Virtual AR Game Gun Toy, Augmented Reality AR 3D Shooting Games, Bluetooth Compatible with iPhone & Android smartphones.

AR-Gun is a brand new Mobile Application Toy of shooting games and a perfect combination of Augmented Reality (AR) and Electronic Technology. All you need is a mobile device with access to Google Play or Apple’s App Store to download the free compatible applications.

  •  100% brand new and high quality
  •  Game Apps compatible with Android and iOS system
  •  Adjustable phone bracket for various phone sizes
  •  (2) AAA batteries (batteries included)
  •  Wireless Bluetooth 4.0 Technology
  •  30+ Games (updated regularly)

AR Gun Display


Unit UPC: 8-4012414056-1
Display UPC: 8-4012415056-0
Display Count: 6 pieces
Item #: BU14056
Display Dimensions: 10.5”(w) x 12”(d) x 9”(h)
Unit SRP: $19.99
Total Retail: $119.94
Fun Factory Augmented Reality Toy Gaming Gun Display

AR Game Demo

360° Augmented Reality Shooting Games!

AR Game Gun

Lightweight and Portable with detachable phone clip holder. (Batteries Included)

Virtual Target Radar

Enhancing your experience with the built-in virtual radar for 360° gaming.

Smartphone Holder

Detachable smartphone clip holder, adjusts for different size smartphone devices.

AR Technology

Real world and virtual game world augmented reality shooting games.


Pair your smartphone with the AR Gun via bluetooth by holding trigger for 2 sec.

360° AR Games

AR games available for download on the app store and google play.

Download Game Apps

Easily download the companion apps available at the App Store & Google Play.

How it Works

Attach your smartphone to the clip holder on the AR Gun, hold for 2 seconds to pair via Bluetooth. Enjoy over 30 real world & virtual world shooting games available on the app store and google play.

Fun Factory Candy Augmented Reality Games
Fun Factory Candy Augmented Reality Gaming Gun

Game Screenshots

Stay Tuned for More Games!

(games updated regularly)


  1. Install 2xAAA batteries (batteries included)
  2. Search AR-GUN app and download from App store or Google Play
  3. Turn on the bluetooth on your smartphone, and open AR-GUN app
  4. Pull the trigger for 2s untill it's paired with your smartphone

Attach your smartphone to the clip holder on top of the AR-Gun. Make sure your bluetooth is turned on within the settings of your smartphone. Pull the trigger on the AR-Gun for at least 2 seconds until it's paired via bluetooth to your smartphone.

Easily download the companion Apps (AR Gun & AR Gun Pro) from Google's Android App Store or iOS App Store.

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